Make Your Home A Healthier Place

Proper oxygen and clean breathable indoor air is essential in keeping you healthy and boosting your immune system to stave off health risks such as virus’. The industry building codes have been constantly evolving making our homes more and more energy efficient by sealing up your home as not to lose your heat and reduce costs of heating your home. The government has in the past offered grant incentives to owners of older homes to raise their standards as well. As good intentioned this has been to the public and to meet the demand of reduced green house gas emissions for a better environment we are in fact causing the reverse effect to our indoor breathable air by making it worse for the home owner. The majority of homes are now not exchanging air/oxygen adequately putting our health at risk. When a home no longer exchanges air adequately the humidity levels climb which can lead to potential mold issues which will give off toxic fumes again further compromising our indoor air and our health. Statistically there are more and more cases of people becoming allergic or asthmatic then ever before. The industry through trial and error has been trying to address these issues through changes in the building codes. The industry finally clamped down on the problem here in Manitoba and in 2012 made it mandatory for all homes being built after 2012 to have a heat recovery ventilators installed to combat these issues. This still leaves an alarming large number of pre 2012 homes that were built with inadequate air exchange and potential indoor air problems that should be addressed. The mandate that requires a home owner to have a HRV is only in place for new home construction and is not a requirement for any renovation or upgrade to older homes. It is up to the public to make themselves aware of the need for proper air exchange on their own. An even greater concern we have for the public is with these tighter built homes is the high risk for negative pressure issues within the home. A negative pressure occurs when a home is exhausting air at a greater rate then what the home can replenish. Example: When you run your clothes dryer, bathroom exhaust fan, centra vac system, range hood, etc; this is air leaving the home and without proper implementation of replacing that air you can find yourself in a negative pressure state. If you have a gas or wood burning appliance that uses a chimney the negative pressure can overcome that appliances ability to vent the toxic gases out of your home and cause serious spillages of carbon dioxide and eventually carbon monoxide in the home that can make you ill and even cause death. It is more imperative now than ever before that you have a reputable and qualified company come into your home to evaluate these potential threats to your indoor air quality and well being. Though C.O. detectors in the home are recommended and good thing to have they will only measure and sound off when extreme amounts of C.O. are present and will not sound off due to lack of oxygen or other toxicities that may be present. We at Kirkfield Heating take the safety of our clients very seriously and offer free in home estimates on several indoor air solutions and can advise you of what your needs are and how to best deal with them.

Call Kirkfield at 204-661-5898 or visit our website at to book your free in home estimate or to book an in home evaluation service. This is not the first pandemic to hit our boarders and it won’t be the last so stay safe and healthy out there.

All the best from the staff and management at Kirkfield Heating

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