Air Handlers

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Find greater command over your property’s air with the latest air handler in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from Kirkfield Heating & Air Conditioning.

They’re combined with a heat pump or air conditioner to regularly filter and circulate conditioned air. This constant airflow helps your residence feel more healthy by decreasing dust and stickiness in the air, particularly during summertime.

Regular operation may sound like it uses a lot of fuel, but these modern units may in effect lower your energy fees. Specific models come with variable-speed technology, which provides accurate temperatures while using less electricity.

You can shave your HVAC payments even more by combining your air system with a smart thermostat. These smart mechanisms learn your family’s schedule and easily adjust temperatures to help you save money.

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4 Advantages of a Modern Air Handler

A new air handler includes a number of benefits, including:
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Increased energy efficiency

Some modern air handlers have variable-speed capabilities to use a smaller amount of energy than singular-stage units.

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Enhanced reliability

You’ll have satisfaction with the fact that your new air handler will deliver heating and cooling for years to come.

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Quieter comfort

Today’s air handlers include state-of-the-art technology that makes them to function with less sound.

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Increased Filtration

New systems often have two filters, which allow for cleaner air for your house to breathe.

Acquire Quieter, More Efficient Comfort with a Modern Air Handler

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