Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

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Dehumidifiers and humidifiers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, allow your family to feel more content with the thermostat at an energy-saving mode.

A whole-home humidifier or whole-home dehumidifier functions with your heating and cooling equipment, so you won’t have to carry a portable unit around the house. Or be concerned about dumping water.

A humidifier will help to diminish uncomfortable air in your household during the wintry season. As well as the respiratory problems and rough skin it can create.

Air that’s correctly humidified seems hotter. This means you can leave your thermostat at a cooler setting—and potentially save money on heating costs.

When there’s high humidity during the summer, a whole-home dehumidifier eliminates humidity from your living space’s air. This allows your house to feel colder with a elevated thermostat setting, potentially helping you to save more on your energy costs.

Several of our humidity solutions enhance any brand or model of heating and cooling equipment. Get ahold of us at 204-272-8128 today and we’ll help you select the right heating and cooling equipment for your house.

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Dehumidifier vs. Humidifier—Which One to Choose for Your House

With multiple types of humidifiers and dehumidifiers to choose from, it can be difficult knowing what’s right for your needs. Here’s how you can tell if you need to increase or decrease water from your household’s air.

At What Point Do I Desire a Dehumidifier?

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There are a certain signs that you have too much moisture in your residence:

  • Areas in the house seem to be humid or smell mildewy.
  • Paint is falling off the walls.
  • Mold and mildew growth.
  • Windows have a large amount of condensation.
  • Operating your air conditioner more frequently to cause your home to give the impression of being more comfortable.

At What Point Do I Desire a Humidifier?

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Dry weather or wintertime in any area can cause problems indoors. Excessive hot air can produce:

  • Respiratory issues like a sore throat or irritated nasal passages.
  • Dry skin and chapped lips.
  • Excessive static shock.
  • Damage to wood flooring or furnishings.

Make Your Residence More Comfortable with Humidity Control

Whole-home humidity control can make you feel more rested and could possibly help lower your heating and cooling costs. Contact our sales staff at 204-272-8128 or contact us online to learn additional information.

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