Mini-Split System

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Sometimes you need a particular HVAC product for some rooms in your house, like a garage or sunroom not having ductwork.

Easily heat and cool such spaces with a mini-split system in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from Kirkfield Heating & Air Conditioning. These compact units provide consistent temperatures so softly, you may not even hear they’re operating.

A ductless mini-split unit is an impressive upgrade from a window air conditioning system, given that it’s more productive and safer. Its interior wall-mounted units link with the outside system by a tiny hole in the wall. That way, your house isn’t an easy target for intruders or insects.

A few mini-split heat pumps meet the requirements for ENERGY STAR®, delivering smooth heating and cooling that’s inexpensive. And our utility rebate appraisal can help identify if you’ll qualify for additional refunds.

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4 Perks of Mini-Split Units

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Mini-splits supply a lot of perks, including:
  1. Cost-effective comfort—Mini-splits are one of the most efficient ways you can heat and cool your home.
  2. Heat and cool garages and additions—Mini-splits are a great way to magnify warmth to spaces without ductwork for conventional HVAC equipment.
  3. Protected, whisper-quiet operation—Window air conditioners are noisy and aren’t secure. They can reveal your house to trespassers, pests and temperatures. Mini-splits offer quiet coziness while keeping your home guarded.
  4. Temperature zoning—One outdoor product can fuel multiple inside equipment, enabling you to adjust the temperature from room to room.

Get Efficient Heating and Cooling with a Mini-Split System

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